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Welcome to This website aims to provide a hub for good quality badminton videos and categorised into easy-to-navigate sections. We realise that there are a lot of "rubbish" videos and demonstrations out there on the Internet, so we phyiscally take the good ones and link them from here, without being clouded by all the rubbish. 

All the badminton videos are split into six main categories; they are coaching videos, tournament videos, training videos, interviews & TV appearances, miscellaneous and other training (e.g. non badminton specific training but beneficial to a badminton player). They are also assigned with country tags and year tags, so for example a video of Lin Dan practicing before the 2011 Japan Open will be tagged with "China", "Japan" and "2011". So you can find them easily.

Finally if a video is just amazing in our personal opinion, we give them a star which makes it appear in the section "JUST AMAZING BADMINTON". I hope you will enjoy using our website.

If you would like to get in contact with us, you can contact the guys are Averma Consulting, they helped us put the site together and they can pass on your message.

Random badminton videos

Badminton coaching - block and move

Badminton coaching - block and move Info: This exercise simulates a smash or a stick/clip from opponent, and then the player makes a block ending with a play to full court by the opponent. The fee...

Ira Sharma on Badminton Unlimited

Badminton Unlimited - Ira Sharma. “Waiting on the sidelines is Ira Sharma, India’s current women’s singles national junior champion. Living in Dubai during her childhood, the youngster moved bac...

Beiwen Zhang & Jing Yu Hong vs. Annie Xu & Kerry Xu (U.S. Adult National Finals-Badminton 2015)

Beiwen Zhang & Jing Yu Hong vs. Annie Xu & Kerry Xu (U.S. Adult National Finals-Badminton 2015)