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Peter Gade One Chance Attack

RULES: Ordinary single rules and keeping score. Each player has one chance of winning with any given...

Peter Gade Short Single Serve Backhand

NOTICE: Player is playing the shuttle into the court, a bit further than the service line. Focus A...

Peter Gade Single Under Pressure – Defense

RULES: Feeder at the back is allowed to play any stroke angled downwards. The net player is allowed ...

Peter Gade – Special Cross Shot Forehand Side

NOTICE: Player is making it look as if the stroke is played long line to the back of the court, and ...

Peter Gade – Special Cross Trick Shot Back Hand Side

NOTICE: Player is making it look as if the stroke is played long line to the back of the court, and ...

Peter Gade Special Defense Footwork To The Mid Corners

NOTICE: This footwork is used as an alternative to diving at the shuttle. Instead of ending on the g...

Peter Gade – Service Return Deception

RULES: This return is made when receiving in the left side as a right handed player. The object of t...

Peter Gade – Various Multi Shuttle Feeding Exercises

USE: Various feeding exercises to prepare for tournament. NOTICE: Player tries to be as explosive ...

Peter Gade Long Line Smash with Clipping Action Forehand Side

NOTICE: A clip is a stroke that’s not as powerful as a smash, but it is very fast and steep, and i...

Peter Gade Backhand With Follow Through

NOTICE: Players is “pulling” the backhand making a follow through. Player is stepping back into ...

Peter Gade China Jump With Shuttle Back Hand Side

NOTICE: Player starts out with either scissor jump or china jump in FHS. Player returns a cross stro...

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Random badminton videos

Exhibition match between Peter Gade (Denmark) and Christin Tsai (Canada)

A nice court side video of an exhibition match between Peter Gade (Denmark) and Christin Tsai (Canada). Took place at ClearOne Badminton Centre in Richmond BC.

Badminton Practice 3 | Claire and Adam | Defending [before]

This is not a demonstration video on badminton technique, this is a self analysis badminton video for Claire and Adam - Adam defending then top spin flat cross court before feedback.

New Zealand U15 Junior Badminton Training Camp

A nice little summary video of New Zealand U15 Junior Badminton Training Camp

Lee Yong Dae's last game - 2016 Victor Korea Open Badminton Superseries

The last match of Lee Yong Dae at the 2016 Victor Korea Open Badminton Superseries. Lee Yong Dae/ Yoo Yeon Seong vs Li Junhui/ Liu Yuchen 2-1 (16-21 22-20 21-18).