Latest Badminton Videos

Swiss Junior Badminton Training Camp (Switzerland)

A short homemade video of a junior badminton training camp in Switzerland.

Croatia National Badminton Team - Spotlight

Badminton Unlimited spotlight on the Croatia National Badminton Team. The Balkans is one of the Euro...

Spotlight on Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Indonesia)

Spotlight on Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Indonesia) by Badminton Unlimited. Sony Dwi Kuncoro hit the headlines...

All Africa Badminton Championships from Badminton Unlimited

Badminton Unlimited - All Africa Championships. With the shuttle game rapidly gaining interest in Af...

Thai shuttlers are geared up for the high intensity Sudirman Cup in Australia

The Sudirman Cup has witnessed some of the most epic battles in the sport and the Thai shuttlers are...

Anders Antonsen - The Future of Danish Badminton

Anders Antonsen was 11 years old then. Now 20, and ranked 17th in the world, he is making all the ri...

Badminton Unlimited spotlight on Gregoria Mariska Tunjung of Indonesia - 17 years old.

Badminton Unlimited spotlight on Gregoria Mariska Tunjung of Indonesia. Gregoria was recently crowne...

Ng Ka Long of Hong Kong

Badminton Unlimited interviews Ng Ka Long. By mid-2016, the 22-year-old broke into the World’s top...

Vladimir Ivanov & Ivan Sozonov (Russia) - All England 2017 winners

Quickbites – Vladimir Ivanov & Ivan Sozonov. “Our names are now engraved on the cups that are gi...

BWF World Championships - Race to Glasgow by Badminton Unlimited Magazine

With the qualifying period closed, let’s look at the eligible players by ranking who are likely to...

Ira Sharma on Badminton Unlimited

Badminton Unlimited - Ira Sharma. “Waiting on the sidelines is Ira Sharma, India’s current women...

Slow motion video of a high jump smash with good camera angle

Slow motion video of a high jump smash with good camera angle

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Random badminton videos

Lee Yong Dae badminton smash into watermelon in Korean TV show

Lee Yong Dae in a Korean TV show, watch him smash a shuttlecock into a watermelon at 7 min in.

Badminton World Magazine: 2013 Episode 6

The Badminton World Magazine Show has returned to 2013 with a new flavour! Besides featuring on-court action and off-court interviews.

Chong Wei Feng's badminton trick shot over Ashton Chen

This is a badminton video taken in the 2013 Axiata Cup , Chong Wei Feng (Malaysia) executed a beautiful trick shot during a rally against Ashton Chen (Indonesia) that he eventually won.