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Maybe the most amazing 'defense' in badminton history by Marc Zwiebler

This is taken from the Japan Open this year, I don't think Kenichi is very amused.

Peter Gade & BestOnCourt - How to use a coach profile

For those who have downloaded the app from my previous video, this is a short guide on how to use a ...

Peter Gade & BestOnCourt - About Virtual Badminton Coach

A very useful app, I have used this on court for coaching and it's very helpful. You can create a Be...

Even Buddhist Monks love badminton!

This video was presented by World Badminton Federation. A documentary done by Redbull China about ho...

Lin Dan and Bao Chunlai playing men's singles with shuttle tubes

This was taken at an exhibition match, in the end, Lin Dan and Bao Chunlai decided to play with shut...

Hans-Kristian Vittinghus diving defence against Lee Chong Wei

Hans-Kristian Vittinghus (Denmark) showing amazing fighting spirit in this rally against Lee Chong W...

A close angle of Taufik Hidayat playing men's singles

This is a good close and intimate angle looking at Taufik Hidayat playing a men's singles game.

Xia Xuanze and Lin Dan singles practice

This is a video of Lin Dan practising singles with Xia Xuanze.

Lin Dan physical training

This is a video capture of Lin Dan doing his physical training. What a nice gym!!!

Lee Yong Dae badminton smash into watermelon in Korean TV show

Lee Yong Dae in a Korean TV show, watch him smash a shuttlecock into a watermelon at 7 min in.

Exhibition match 3 on 3 in Japan with Malaysian and Indonesian players (4)

Part 4 of a badminton exhibition match video with 3 on 3 in Japan. The players are Koo Kien Keat, Ta...

Exhibition match 3 on 3 in Japan with Malaysian and Indonesian players (3)

Part 3 of a badminton exhibition match video with 3 on 3 in Japan. The players are Koo Kien Keat, Ta...

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Random badminton videos

Peter Gade China Jump With Shuttle Back Hand Side

NOTICE: Player starts out with either scissor jump or china jump in FHS. Player returns a cross stroke from FHS, moving into the center of the court, and then exploding into the china jump. The timing...

Peter Gade – Footwork To The Mid Corners

NOTICE: Player is using left foot in the backhand side, because it is faster than using the right foot. This is very beneficial when you’re not in maximum defense position, and the shuttle is within...

Lee Chong Wei and Iskandar Zulkarnain badminton preparation for All England 2013

Final preparation Lee Chong Wei to All England 2013. Sparring with junior shuttler Iskandar Zulkarnain.