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Croatia National Badminton Team - Spotlight

Badminton Unlimited spotlight on the Croatia National Badminton Team. The Balkans is one of the European regions enjoying an increase in badminton interest. Badminton Unlimited had visited Serbia and ...

Peter Gade (Denmark) vs David Snider (Canada) Part 1/3

Peter Gade (Denmark) vs. David Snider (Canada). Exhibition match. May 1st, 2015 in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Faces of 2015 US Badminton Junior Team USA

2015 US Junior Team USA is heading to Tijuana, Mexico to defend the team title for Pan American Junior Championships Aug. 2-4.

All Africa Badminton Championships from Badminton Unlimited

Badminton Unlimited - All Africa Championships. With the shuttle game rapidly gaining interest in Africa, badminton is a fast developing sport in the world’s second largest and the second most popul...

Peter Gade 2014 Markham (Toronto) Exhibition Game 004 warm up game Yakura

Peter Gade 2014 Markham (Toronto) Exhibition Game 004 warm up game Yakura

Badminton Unlimited spotlight on Gregoria Mariska Tunjung of Indonesia - 17 years old.

Badminton Unlimited spotlight on Gregoria Mariska Tunjung of Indonesia. Gregoria was recently crowned champion at the BTY Junior International Challenge in Bangkok, but it was her runner-up finish at ...

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Random badminton videos

New Zealand U19 Junior Badminton Training Camp

A nice little summary video of New Zealand U19 Junior Badminton Training Camp

Coaches Conference 2013 - Peter Gade - forehand footwork

During the Coaches Confercence 2013 at the Dutch Open badminton Peter Gade gave a clinic about footwork for youngsters / children. Very interesting to see and hear his opinion about focus, split j...

Badminton Practice 5 | Claire and Adam | Backhand low serve [before]

This is not a demonstration video on badminton technique, this is a self analysis badminton video for Claire and Adam - Claire doing a backhand low serve before feedback.

BWF World Championships - Race to Glasgow by Badminton Unlimited Magazine

With the qualifying period closed, let’s look at the eligible players by ranking who are likely to make their way to Glasgow to compete in the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017. The choice of entry...